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Brief Introduction
    To drive the international academic development of exercise biochemistry, the 17th International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference, sponsored by International Research Group on Biochemistry of Exercise (IRGBE) and hosted by China Sport Science Society (CSSS), will be held at Beijing National Convention Center from Oct. 23 to 25, 2018. On the theme that “exercise is the future of medicine”,the conference will consist of broad and in-depth communications and discussions on such hot issues as the latest research achievement and development trend of exercise biochemistry and cover a large range of topics, including exercise and chronic disease, exercise and women’s health, exercise and child fitness, integrative exercise physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, exercise & sports nutrition, exercise biochemistry and elite athlete performance and new methods of exercise biochemistry.  The conference aims to provide international cooperation and communication platform for experts and scholars in the field of exercise Biochemistry and related research to share research findings, discuss existing problems and challenges and explore for cutting-edge technology. More than 700 experts and scholars from different parts of the world will gather and 30 of them will give reports in the conference as world-famous experts in the field of exercise biochemistry. All the experts and scholars of exercise biochemistry and related research fields are welcome to attend the meeting.
    The conference will be held at the National Convention Center, which is located in the core area of Beijing Olympic Park and close to Bird’s Nest National Stadium and Water Cube National Aquatic Center, the traffic is convenient and the scenery is pleasant. The autumn in Beijing is always the most beautiful and comfortable season and we are expecting to get together with you at that time.
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Key Dates

    Conference Date
         October 23rd – 25th , 2018
    E - Poster Submission Deadline
         October  17th , 2018
    Registration Deadline
         September 20th , 2018

Sponsored by:
International Research Group on Biochemistry of Exercise (IRGBE)

Hosted by:

China Sport Science Society (CSSS)
Beijing Sport Science Society

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