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David A. Hood

York University, Canada

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David A. Hood

David A. Hood, Ph.D., is a Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Health Science, and Department of Biology in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University where he also holds the Director in Muscle Health Research Center. David achieved Ph.D. in Physiology from State University of New York in 1986, then he went to the renowned Laboratory of Dr. Dirk Pette in the Faculty of Biology at University of Konstanz(Germany) as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. He became an Assistant Professor at York University in 1988. David was nominated as Distinguished Research Professor by York University many times, and he was elected as Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine in 1992, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Science(CAHS) in 2012, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2016.

His research areas focus on Animal Biology/Physiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and he carried out many studies on the relationships between chromosome structure and genetic organization in higher eukaryotes; gene expression and its regulation; meiotic recombination; developmental genetics and the organization of the functional interphase nucleus. His research involves the study of the biogenesis and function of the mitochondrion in mammalian skeletal and cardiac muscles. He has been consistently funded by many agencies and serving on the Reviewer for many famous peer-reviewed journals, such as Science, EMBO Reports, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Nature Communications, Biochemical Journal, et al..
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