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Takayuki Akimoto Prof.

Waseda Univeristy (JAP)

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Takayuki Akimoto

Takayuki Akimoto, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Faculty of Sport Sciences at Waseda University, Japan. After finishing his Ph.D. at University of Tsukuba in 2000, he had been a Research Associate in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at University of Tokyo until 2003. From 2003-2006, he was a Research Associate in Medicine at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA. During 2007-2016, Takayuki was an Assistant Professor in Center for Disease Biology and Integrative Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine at University of Tokyo. He has been a Professor in the Faculty of Sport Sciences at Waseda University since 2016.

He has been a member of many professional societies, including a member of Japanese Society of Clinical Sports Medicine(1991-present), Japanese Society of Exercise & Immunology(2002-present), American Physiological Society(2011-present), and he serves as Director of Japan Muscle Society(2017-present). Takayuki has more than 20 years of professional experience to design and conduct research to investigate the changes in muscles at the molecular level as people exercise. He has authored or co-authored over 90 peer-reviewed publications, and published in many famous and influential journals, such as Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Journal of Biological Chemistry, et al.
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